Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Figure Drawing (for all it's Worth) by Andrew Loomis - A Book Review

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Alright time for another book review. Mainly because I don't feel like drawing at the moment and life isn't really going the way I planned it. After all why else would I do a book review?

Okay so, Figure Drawing for all it's Worth by Andrew Loomis is probably one of the greatest beginner books you will ever lay your eyes on. Nuff said.

But in all seriousness Andrew explores the very broad subject of drawing the figure, such as the hands, feet, drawing a person in perspective, proportion, etc. I've seen plenty of garbage books and Andrew does a fantastic job simplifying the human figure without making it look like a child drew it. He also shows some general processes that artists use in order to draw their figures and he explains it in text very well. If you are completely knew to figure drawing this book helps you build your foundations. Does this mean you will be a pro hax artist? No. Far from it really. This book is an amazing piece of work with great tips and inspirational text  but (in my humble opinion) the only way to get really good at figure drawing is to draw from life or lots of reference from photographs (and of course anatomy books, drawn or real). Does that mean you should not get this book? I would recommend getting it just because of the tips and how he simplifies the human form. Drawing from this book will help the beginner grab a basic understanding of how the human body works and allows the beginner to create a sort of image of how to start the figure before he begins.

Please remember though practice is what makes an artist good. Not the amount of books he has lying around (take me for example :3).

So you can either buy the book here or to the left in the side bar. - And as a bonus I would also recommend looking at Drawing the Head and Hands from Andrew Loomis as well. It's an amazing book that goes into a more in depth look into the (well obviously) head and hands. Great reference, great tricks and helps a lot in my opinion. Click here to get it.

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