Monday, August 22, 2011

Anatomy for the Artist - A book review.

From amazon

From Amazon

*Stops playing Starcraft* - Oh why hello. Today I will be reviewing Anatomy for Artists a book written by Sarah Simblet and photographed by John Davis.

Now there are many many books that talk about anatomy that artists can use for reference and for information. However not every book is meant for an artist and often contains more information than reference that one can use. This book however is meant for people who like pretty pictures and muscles.

Before continuing though I would like to say that the book does a fantastic job with telling you how muscles work (in text form) and that doing a little bit of reading never really hurts. 

The photography in this book is absolutely amazing. I love it. I think they oil up some of their models in order to show more groves on the surface. I can literally see almost all of their back muscles. The photographer really knew what he was doing when he chose his models and took their photos.

Now as for the illustrations: They are alright. I mean yes they are well done but they are not really the main focus in the book. There are a few sketches of hands, skulls and the like but they do not really make up much of the book. They do have some handy little drawings of muscles under the skin though and I find those to be useful.  So anyone really looking for anatomy reference with lots of drawings should look elsewhere. However I do like the full front and back view of the skeleton that is drawn near the front of the book. It's always great to have one of those handy.

Well to conclude this massive (end sarcasm) review I would like to say that this book is great. The models are one of the best I've seen (male and female) and anyone looking for real model reference would be doing themselves a favour by getting this book. Hell even the sketches add something to the book and make it even better.

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