Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back Anatomy

 Some little study that I did.... I kinda suck at doing backs really ;___; 
 - I need to do more studies... Can't wait for life drawing in school :3333 
- I grabbed my reference from "Anatomy for the Artist" You can find it to the left of the screen under recommendations or look at my book review at the bottom for a link: 

Quick tutorial:

- Someone might like this post if they need help with drawing or something. Get the flow of things going with pencil and see if you can paint it in. I usually just block in my mid and dark tones all at once and add blocks of highlight and mix them in. But honestly it doesn't matter how you paint as long as the finished product looks like your reference. Whether or not it looks good is up to how much you practice though. 

- Also notice how I don't exactly follow my pencil drawings. If you notice something is off with your drawing as you are in the middle of painting it don't be afraid to fix it. Or try to. I failed horribly at the one back... 

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