Monday, September 5, 2011

Space Ship Environment

Just a little speed paint thing I did. Mainly just used this for reference:
Didn't really look at anything for the floating ship. Mainly focusing on creating a environment I suppose. Again I did not copy the reference exactly and was focused on creating something believable without to much imitation. Or at least that's what I like telling myself :3

Any comments or critiques would be helpful. I'm pretty new at painting environments.


  1. Hey bro =) You asked for a bit of crit =) Maybe tone down the value of your brightest lights and then spot in some brighter lights here and there, in a textural way, not sure if that makes sense basically use highlights to suggest crumpled snow.. not sure if that makes sense either, lull =) Would add a bit more fog (atmosphere) to the lands behind your dome.. mmm.. that's about all really atm.. don't wanna nitpick too much =)

  2. Yeah that makes sense actually. Congrats! - I know what yeah mean with texturing and stuff. I need to work on that >.> - Guess I'll do more studies.


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