Monday, October 24, 2011

The Vilppu Drawing Manual - A Book Review

Well I'm doing something quite strange with this review... The book happens to be free! Go figure right? Wow I'm so awesome *my perfect sarcasm* . So please enjoy this review and feel free to download it (quite literally).

So what is this book great at? Flow. It really understands how a figure moves and how to not make it look static. In essence it is a book for animators (It was created for them). However as an Illustrator in training I enjoyed this book a lot. Again this book is stylized like most other drawing books but this book can really help with drawing models from life and actually make them look like they are living beings rather than a structure made out of stone.

But to be honest there is no point in really reviewing this book, after all it's free from google books and I have it embedded to this post, look through it and download it if you like it. It's a great little book that I cherish deeply and would like to have as a hard copy in my hand.

Now this is where I insert my capitalism intentions. You may buy the book here however it's expensive and I doubt anyone is going to buy them from amazon based on the price they give the book for. Stick with the cheap and free way I suppose. Click here to see the book in Google Books.


  1. I wonder what you would say if people did that with *your* work.
    buy it at vilppustore it's much cheaper than at amazon

  2. I agree, you can buy them at the vilppu store for a much cheaper price. I am going to buy one as well.


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