Sunday, August 28, 2011

All the ads!!!!

*shifty eyes*

Ads ads! Everywhere ads ;_____:

Why all the ads? - Cause I need some revenue to help me through college.

It's not like people will donate. So I'm sorry about this. I hate having them here >.>

Also I'm sorry to my youtube people for using links. - I'm going to remove those once I hit 20$ to see if they actually pay. Which will be soon since I'm at 18$. - I also noticed I lost a lot of traffic from those links presumably because people just exit the window as soon as the ad appears. So getting rid of those soon will probably be in my best interest. Despite the fact I get paid per click (theoretically). Right now I'm just curious to see if they really do pay.

Next on my agenda: Sorry about the Amazon ads. But if you buy a book from those links it just helps me out. Do you see my mad scheme here? You read a review, like the book and buy it. Mua ha ha ha ha!!!! I enjoy being ever so evil. - But again it is just to help me get through college. Do I expect great amounts of money? Helllll no. I expect maybe 5 dollars every 2 months (which may ask for a lot really) but anything is better than nothing.

So again I say sorry for the ads. But again I point out I'm just a college student trying to make some extra money here and there.

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