Saturday, December 24, 2011

Some Artwork! + news

Left: 15 min or so, Right: 30 Min - both suck.
The last two go as followed: 5min, 10min. - Strangely enough...
Some life drawing I did! ^^^ - I did more but didn't bother to save them all.  Did these today.

A marble pear I did from life. Did 2 days ago or so from this post.

A shell that I also did from life! This was for school!

Skull comparisons that I did in school.

- More will be updated

I want to do another book review but the book is taking forever to get shipped to me. Kinda worried to be honest. So on the bright side I'm back kinda. Hurray! *sigh* Let's see how many people actually give a shit! *Dance*

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